Call for Entry
An exhibition of contemporary fiber art at the  Capitol Rotunda Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
April- August, 2017
NOTE: entry forms will be distributed in August 2016
March 2016: Call for entries issued.
September 1, 2016: Entries will be accepted
January 7, 2017: Deadline for receipt of entries
February 2017: Notification of acceptance will be emailed
April, 2017: Accepted artwork delivery to the Capitol.
April, 2017: Exhibition opens.
August 17, 2017: Exhibition closes.
All work must meet the definition of an Art Quilt: “The art quilt is a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered construction.” 
Applicants must be current members of SAQA residing in New Mexico.
In addition, only original artwork, conceived and created by the entrant(s) will be considered; no patterns, kits or copies.
All artists involved collaborating on an artwork must be listed as entrants and sign the loan agreement.
Selection of the work to be shown will be made by Cynthia Sanchez, PhD., Director and Curator of the Capitol Collection, based on the digital images submitted.
Director Sanchez reserves the right to refuse work that differs from images submitted, is not in good repair or is not appropriate for the exhibition.
Ø  Work should relate to the theme, can be representational or abstract.
New this year: due to limited display area, size limitations art strictly in effect: works must be 48" or less in width to be considered.
Ø  Dimensions of  wall quilts must be:
1.  A minimum of 16" and a maximum of 48" in width.
2.  A minimum of 16" and a maximum of 60” in height.
Ø  A maximum of THREE  wall quilts per artist will be considered.
Ø  Three dimensional work may have maximum dimensions of 24” depth and width, and 48” in height.
Ø  A maximum of TWO sculptural pieces per artist may be submitted, for a total of FIVE possible entries.
All two dimensional entries must have a 4" sleeve sewn to the top of the quilt in the back.  There should be a 1" allowance on each side of the sleeve to allow hanging slats to remain hidden.  
Entries must not have been shown in the Capitol Rotunda Gallery previously.
All entries must also have a label sewn to the back with the artist's name, address, phone #, and email address.
Artists will be responsible for the cost of shipping work to the venue and return shipping after the show.
Artists must provide insurance on artwork while in transit to the venue.
Artwork may be for sale- all sales will be directly between the artist and buyer. Artist contact will be available at the exhitition.
There is no commission taken at this venue.
Work that is sold must remain with the show until it closes in August, 2017.
Structures exist in an infinite number of forms- human and animal homes, biological and mineral formations, down to the very arrangement of atoms that hold the universe together.
Challenge yourself to portray structure in a meaningful and artistic way.
Representational and abstract work will be considered.

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