Friday, October 23, 2015


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Thanks everyone for making Natural Healing such a wonderful show- the church is very pleased with it, and it looks terrific hung together.
Especially appreciated are our members who came to the mercado to help out: Gale Oppenheim, Cynthia Fowler, Schatzi Brimer Lynn Rogers, Cheryl FitzGerald, Vel Saddington and Judith Roderick.

We took a selection of the Seeds quilts to hang just for the weekend- they loved them so much that they asked to leave them up for the rest of the show!

 How Does Your Garden Grow? at the church

 Vel and a very handsome customer, with some of her work - Healing in the background.

one section of healing- there are 41 pieces in all.

finally, there were a few hanging issues.  The instructions I sent out specified the hole for the wire in the slat to be drilled in the upper corner.
several people drilled their holes in the center of the slat, causing it to twist and hang crosswise- check the examples
   bad- wire is attached to the center of the slat

We will alter the slats that are improperly made after the show comes down for works that were shipped in.
The show will be taken down November 21 at 8:30 am.  I will bring the Healing quilts to the SAQA meeting - November 21 at 11:00 am in Albuquerque at the Ambassadors for Christ Community Church. 
We can keep them until their next venue, or you may pick them up at that time.
the work is available for viewing weekdays, call the church office at 8841801 to arrange it.
the Natural Healing Catalog (thank you Shannon) is available from Blurb-

Betty Busby



It's hard to believe that it is October, my favorite month of the year here in New Mexico. I hope you are enjoying the slightly cooler weather and changing of seasons that will soon bring brilliant colors. It was so good to see all of you at our last meeting at the Library in Eldorado. It is a very nice place to meet and weather permitting we will continue to meet there when our meetings are scheduled for Santa Fe. I hope the mini workshop on writing an artist statement was helpful. I will have the handouts at the next meeting for those of you interested in them. We will also have another mini workshop and I will let you know which one in the November newsletter.

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on November 21 at 11:00 am in Albuquerque at the Ambassadors for Christ Community Church. This is the best date because the Natural Healing exhibit will come down the day before and if you can not make it for the take down and want your piece back before the next exhibit I will have them available for pick up at that meeting. (More on Natural Healing to follow)
I have been collecting pieces for the Natural Healing exhibit. They are beautiful! Tomorrow is the last delivery and set up date at the Unitarian Church. Please email me if have not already dropped your piece off  to me and can not make it to the church by 8:30 tomorrow morning. Thank you so much for reading the directions carefully and delivering your pieces complete with the loan agreement and the proper hanging equipment! Excellent job!

Natural Healing Message from Betty

Thanks everyone for your awesome entries to Natural Healing. Remember you need a signed hard copy of the 2 page loan agreement and a wired slat in your quilt in order for it to hang. We will see you at 8:30 am at the church, 3701 Carlisle, on October 10 unless you have shipped the piece or delivered it to Gale or Michelle. I've been asked if the work will be available for viewing on weekdays, they ask that you call the church office at 8841801 to arrange this.
We have been offered a Mercado at the church on Sunday October 18 from 9 am to 12 noon. There is no charge for table and church members will be on hand to help us set up and take down. They will take a 30% commission on slaes, so price accordingly. You can bring any items you wish from jewlery to dyed fabrics- just not used furniture or anything like that. PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY if you plan to participate- I need to give them a head count.
We will have a SAQA stand there, and I would love to have some help with that- we'll sell cards and magnets from our shows- the Seeds quilts are back and we can have a display of them too- let me know if you want me to bring yours. (our of towners don't bother, I know where you are)
Thanks very much to Schatzi for editing the statements and making the labels, and to Shannon for creating an online catalog for us.  (if you haven't sent me a pic or the pic is terrible we need it right away!)
Finally, I created a poster for the show, and have been asked about  copies to purchase. The cost would be $15, plus shipping- they are 20x30". Another option is to have your own printed, the file is too big to email but you can download it from this link-
Lisa Ellis (incoming SAQA president) will choose 20 pieces from Healing to travel to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda Maryland, from June 9-September 9 2016.  They will then travel to Inova Cancer Center in Fairfax MD and from there to the University of Michigan.
THANK YOU to Lisa for finding the venues for us and for being our juror.

If your Healing quilt does sell at the church you will have FOUR weeks to replace it if you want to have it travel.
The remaining 21 works from Healing will hang at the Hubbard next year.
Betty Busby
If you need to, please respond to me by clicking my name below instead of replying to this email. Thanks.
I hope to see you soon. Happy art quilting,
Michelle Jackson 
SAQA NM Representative

Monday, October 5, 2015


Meet Mary Mattimoe, SAQA NM Artist

Mary answered a few questions for us:

Why do you do what you do?  I need a positive outlet for my energy.
Why quilt?  I love the quietness of fabric to the touch.
What themes do you pursue?  Communication Issues, Military Life, Biochemistry, and Representational Paintings.
What do you like about your artwork?  One of my dear friends recently told me my work was deceptively simple and that simplicity is exactly what I like.
What is your dream project?  It is still too big for words.
What is the most important tool in your studio? Needles, as long as I have a needle I can make it all happen. 
Where do you find ideas for your work? My ideas come from my experiences.
What project are you working on now?  I always have one that I am machine piecing, one that I am hand piecing, one that I am hand quilting, one that I am machine quilting, something I am designing, and something I am painting.  Then I work on whichever part is easiest for my mindset at the time.

Why art?  It is everything science, communication, struggle, hope in an attempt at making a connection with another being in some capacity.
What elements of your art bring you the most stress? When I do not get to make it. I have mandatory studio hours every day or no one wants to live with me.
Do you need validation in order to feel your art is good? Not really. It is nice, but I need to make my work either way. 

   Parts of the Sum: After my degree in Biochemistry, I found that my high school grandmother's flower garden dreams evolved into lovely plant cells. 

  Backyard Turtle:  This creature carried a lot of attitude around!

For October 2015, Mary's work can be seen in these venues:
Celebraciรณn at Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, TX
Natural Healing SAQA NM
High Plains Quilt Festival in Portales, NM

Contact Mary: