Monday, October 5, 2015


Meet Mary Mattimoe, SAQA NM Artist

Mary answered a few questions for us:

Why do you do what you do?  I need a positive outlet for my energy.
Why quilt?  I love the quietness of fabric to the touch.
What themes do you pursue?  Communication Issues, Military Life, Biochemistry, and Representational Paintings.
What do you like about your artwork?  One of my dear friends recently told me my work was deceptively simple and that simplicity is exactly what I like.
What is your dream project?  It is still too big for words.
What is the most important tool in your studio? Needles, as long as I have a needle I can make it all happen. 
Where do you find ideas for your work? My ideas come from my experiences.
What project are you working on now?  I always have one that I am machine piecing, one that I am hand piecing, one that I am hand quilting, one that I am machine quilting, something I am designing, and something I am painting.  Then I work on whichever part is easiest for my mindset at the time.

Why art?  It is everything science, communication, struggle, hope in an attempt at making a connection with another being in some capacity.
What elements of your art bring you the most stress? When I do not get to make it. I have mandatory studio hours every day or no one wants to live with me.
Do you need validation in order to feel your art is good? Not really. It is nice, but I need to make my work either way. 

   Parts of the Sum: After my degree in Biochemistry, I found that my high school grandmother's flower garden dreams evolved into lovely plant cells. 

  Backyard Turtle:  This creature carried a lot of attitude around!

For October 2015, Mary's work can be seen in these venues:
Celebración at Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, TX
Natural Healing SAQA NM
High Plains Quilt Festival in Portales, NM

Contact Mary:

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