Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Michelle to teach a class on the Quilt Show!

Our own Michelle Jackson on the Quilt Show.  Check out her new class coming on March 27th!

Color 101 - A New Class Coming Soon!
Beginning Tuesday, March 27, a new teacher and classroom are coming to TQS!
You've seen her in Episode 1002: The Value of ... Value, where she demonstrated the relationship - and difference - between color and value. Now, Michelle Jackson, the 2010 Niche Award-winning fiber artist, will debut a new class: Color 101!
Each week, for the next eight weeks, a new episode will feature a video and lesson in which you can practice what you learn about color, value, pattern, texture, and so much more.
Lessons will include:
* What is Color?
* Value and Dominance
* The Temperature of Color: Is it active or passive?
* Fabulous Color Combinations
The Personality of Color
Pattern, Texture, and Scale
* The Color Shift
Adding Unique Color is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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