Sunday, May 27, 2012


Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the May meeting at Michelle's.  Fortunately, Debbie McNeil filled me in on a lot of the business I missed.  The difficult part for me is not being able to be awed and inspired by the remarkable show and tell that the group produces.  Next time!!

I heard that perhaps some in the group would like to see a direct link to shows in New Mexico that are requesting entries and the requirements for entry.  I did put a page marker at the top of this blog for that very thing.  At the top, below the title and statement of purpose, you will see a "Home" tab and next to that is the "Local Call for Entries" tab.  If you click on the "Local Call for Entries" tab you will be taken to the SAQA NM shows that I have been provided information for.  So far, that is only the show at the Open Space Visitors Center Gallery.  Any other information I get I will share in an entry and then put it under that page or tab marker.

If any one has questions or comments please feel free to add them!

~Your SAQANM Blogger

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