Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Thank you, Jennifer, for hosting the last meeting in Santa Fe. We enjoyed seeing your studio and the wonderful view! We had 25 in attendance and got to see some more inspiring pieces made for Cultural Red. I trust by now all is settled after the exhibit at the Hubbard; those of you who sold pieces have submitted the proper paperwork requested by the Hubbard and all pieces should have been returned.

Thank you Vicky and helpers for taking down the show and transporting the pieces back to Santa Fe for us. Also to Denise for shipping some pieces off to those not local. Thank you, Betty and Vicky for working out this great opportunity for us. It was truly the best show of art quilts I have ever seen! There was a wonderful and positive response by all who saw it. The Hubbard, for those of you who have not heard, said it was the best show they have had in the past five years. It brought many people back to the museum that had not been in years! They are looking forward to “Cultural Red”! And so are we!

Our next meeting will be a potluck at 11:00 AM on Saturday, November 15th at the home of Rod Daniel in Placitas, New Mexico. Thank you, Rod and Jim for hosting the meeting. Please email me for directions.  I hope to see you there. Bring your latest show and tell. I will send out a reminder about a week before the meeting.

Cultural Red is now accepting entries. The deadline is January 7, 2015. The entry form and call is attached and printed below. Remember that there is one call for entry for both the Capitol Rotunda and the Hubbard. Those who qualify (NM residents) and are accepted will be in the show at the Rotunda. Those who are not residents may still be eligible for the show at the Hubbard. The exhibit at the Hubbard is not a separate call at a different time so be prepared to get your entry ready in time.

Just a reminder about submitting photos: Don’t crop your whole quilt photo to use it as the detailed photo. The quality becomes compromised; grainy and unclear. You must take an actual detail photo. Of course the best idea is to have it professionally photographed, but that is not always possible. If some of you entering for the first time are having problems, please let me know. We don’t want this to stop you from entering a beautiful piece.

Some have asked me to change information like your email address, or adding NM as a second region. Unfortunately I can’t change your information. You can easily do this on the SAQA website by going to membership and following the directions to make changes to your profile. When you have NM as your first or second region you will automatically get emails/newsletters from me. Remember to check your spam for emails as some service providers recognize these emails as spam.  

Don’t forget to check out the SAQA NM blog for pics, newsletters, and major accomplishments by local SAQA artists.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 15th!

Michelle Jackson

SAQA NM Representative

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